About us

are a tribute band to THE BEATLES. While the band are not a typical member for member Beatles set up it's more geared towards the songs and performance. Martin and Peadar sing lead & backing vocals with Peter singing backing vocals.The band are all from Dublin, Ireland and are well established and experienced musicians.

Martin has been playing guitar since the age of 13. He played in an original band and also as a 1 man act. He is an avid Beatles fan and travels every year to Liverpool for Beatleweek where he performed.

Peadar is an established singer songwriter from Dublin and has recorded his own album and has played with many different musicians on Dublin pub circuit. He has also played the Cavern Club in Liverpool as part of the annual Beatleweek.

Peter took up the drums when he was only 5 years old. He has had lots of experience playing in an original band and many cover bands over the years and is also an avid Beatles fan.

Terry is a life long Beatles fan. He's played bass since his teens and played with many bands over the years in top Irish venues (The Olympia, Vicar st., Whelans) including corporate and wedding events. He is a seasonal visitor to Liverpool for Beatleweek and has performed at the Cavern Club on some of these occasions.

The band played their first four concerts in Munich during the 2012 Octoberfest celebrations as a one off performance and they were well received that they decided to continue as a Beatles tribute band.